The staff at this Hear Again Center were professional and informative. I was seen exactly at my appointment time, was explained any questions clearly and concisely and provided with a number of options I could choose in the process of my care. Will continue to utilize their services.
Mark A. Vining, on Google
This place (Hear Again in Enfield, CT) is a bit pricey which is why I'm giving it four stars instead of five. However they do excellent work. The technician did an absolutely fantastic job of making my old crummy ear molds like new with a retubing and cleaning. Also, I should add that the receptionist is very helpful and super nice.
Paulette Darcey, on Google
If you need help with your hearing aides this is definately the place to go. I brought my mom's broken hearing aid and scrooge was so friendly, helpful and awesome. Thank you for caring for others!!
Michelina Galluzzo, on Google
I cannot remember the name of the woman we worked with but she was absolutely fantastic. It's an unfortunate situation to need hearing aids and she made the experience seamless. She was very thorough, attentive and I could tell she truly cared about getting my grandmother the best options for her needs. Thank you again and we look forward to seeing her again soon!
makenzi fitzsimmons, on Google
Allison the provider was great. She was courteous, very helpful, and professional. She made my wife and I at ease during the hearing test. There is only one concern I have and that is she was the only person in the building dealing with patients. Safety and health is paramount and if anything were to happen no one would be there to help. Think for a minute, someone could come in to rob and attack her or worse, she could fall hit her head and be out cold with no one to help her. I asked her if the Vernon office set up a calling system where they would call her every hour to check on her to see if she was alright, she said no! OSHA has a 2 person rule to work in a business or manufacturing and there is a reason for it SAFETY!!! As a customer that cares I am very surprised that a business with your excellent reputation would allow this to happen. Do what other businesses have been doing when short of staff - they close! If anything were to happen you would have to answer a lot of questions not to mention a potential law suit. Think about your employees, they are the heart and soul of your business.
Gerald Remillard, on Google

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